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標題: 高接梨農園經營策略之探討-以臺中市東勢區為例
The Operation Strategies of Grafted Pear Farm-Case Study of Dongshih District in Taichung
作者: 盧治佑
Lu, Chih-Yu
關鍵字: 高接梨;Grafted pear;深入訪談法;SWOT分析法;In-depth interview;SWOT analysis
出版社: 農業企業經營管理碩士在職專班
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The planting area of the grafted pear in Taichung Dongshih is topped the highest in the country. But after Taiwan joined the WTO, signed EACT with China and impacted of various imported fruits, the Grafted pear faced increasingly serious problem of imbalance between production and marketing.
In this study ,through in-depth interview which based on SWOT analysis by using the collected data, want to investigate the grafted pear farmers in Dongshih how to run their own farms in order to achieve the goal of sustainable management.

The results show that:
1.Currently four farmers believe that the farms must be transformed in the direction towards the development of leisure farms in order to sustainable management.
2.To transformed with the local Farmers Association of leisure counseling strategies ,the farmers could through the various resources trying to reduce investment costs.
3.Increased revenue by adding the number of field fruit picking and direct sales and cutting down middle of the marketing costs .
4.Combining local farms and community to form a team, with the strategy of fruit trees adoption to improve the way of farm experience.
5.Improve the quality of service- such as the reception, navigation, DIY teaching, etc., to increase sales of agricultural products additional income.
6.Increasing the added value of agricultural products in development of processed products.
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