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標題: 應用背閘極耦合及線性化增益技巧之SiGe BiCMOS四相位壓控振盪器設計
A Linearized-Kvco SiGe BiCMOS Quadrature VCO with Back-gate Coupling Technique
作者: 張裕鑫
Chang, Yu-Hsin
關鍵字: QVCO;四相位壓控振盪器;low power linearized;back-gate coupling;voltage- level-shift circuitry;低功耗線性化;背閘極耦合;電位偏移電路
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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我們設計的電路由國家系統晶片中心協助製作於台積電0.35µm矽鍺BiCMOS製程上。我們的模擬結果驗證了所設計的四相位壓控振盪器之性能。此電路僅有1.5倍Kvco比率,操作於5GHz頻段而於1MHz頻差處可達到-116dBc/Hz相位雜訊。核心電路在3V電壓供應下消耗3.46mA電流。晶片大小為0.605 x 0.745 mm2。

A voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is a critical building block in the design of a transceiver for the wireless LAN (WLAN) application. The characteristic of a VCO affects the performance of the entire system of a transceiver and influences weather the system meets required specifications or not. Low phase noise and low power dissipation are important to a VCO design. Besides of these two items, the linearity of the gain of VCO (Kvco) is also an important property in the design of a VCO. The settling time is crucial to a phase-locked loop (PLL) and it will be affected by the linearity of Kvco. In the modern communication system, the quadrature signals are often used in the modulation / demodulation techniques. Among different methods for generating the quadrature local oscillating signal, the quadrature VCO (QVCO) was reported to be better with relative lower consumption and lower phase noise.

The purpose of this study is to design a 5-GHz low power linearized QVCO. To achieve lower power consumption, the coupling transistors in two differential VCOs are replaced by the back-gate coupling. Besides, the circuit adopts a novel resonant circuitry with linearity technique to improve the linearity of Kvco. The resonance tank includes four p-n junction diode varactor pairs and a spiral inductor (L) for each differential VCO, and a voltage- level-shift circuitry is utilized to decide proper DC levels for each pair of varactors.

The circuit was fabricated in 0.35µm TSMC SiGe BiCMOS technology under the support of Chip Implementation Center (CIC). The simulation results verify the function of the designed QVCO. The proposed QVCO has 1.5 Kvco ratio of the linearity, and operates at 5GHz band with phase noise being -116 dBc/Hz at 1MHz frequency offset. The core circuit consumes 3.46mA current at 3.0V power supply. The chip size is 0.605 x 0.745 mm2.
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