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標題: 多值邏輯快閃式記憶晶胞之研究
Investigation of Multi-Level Flash Memory Cells
作者: 葉志凌
Yeh, Chih Ling
關鍵字: Flash Memory;快閃記憶體;Dual Floating Gate;Silicon on Insulator;雙浮動閘;絕緣體上矽
出版社: 電機工程學系

The technology of multilevel Flash E2PROM cells is capable of increasing the density of bits per unit area and decreasing the cost of products. In the prior arts, to control the charge stored in the floating gate for multilevel operation, variable voltages or pulses are applied to the control gate or the drain/source junctions. The peripheral circuits become more complicated. We proposed the dual floating gate (DFG) Flash cell and operation scheme to accomplish multilevel operation. The cell is programming by Channel hot electrons (CHE) and Fowler-Nordheim (FN) tunneling, while erased by channel Fowler-Nordheim tunneling to remove the charge in the floating gates. Due to the different source and drain doping concentrations and doping energies, it is not required to generate different voltages to achieve four-level operation. Use the FN tunneling programming, We proposed two modification methods, including variable writing voltages and programming times for multilevel operation. In this thesis, we report measurement of the dual floating gate flash cells fabricated by NDL to verify the operation including program/read schemes. Besides, the portable computing market requires high density, low power, high performance, which make SOI technology to be a good candidate. Therefore, flash memories integrated in SOI technology may be a good trend. Here, the programming and reading for SOI dual floating gate flash memory was also investigated.
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