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標題: The Symmetrical Embedded Subjects and Objects in L2 English
作者: Kong, Stano
關鍵字: pro-drop;null subject;topicalization;adjunct;UG;partial access
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學外國語文學系
Project: Intergrams, Volume 8, Issue 2- Volume 9, Issue 1, Page(s) 1-17.
The study tests a proposal made by Kong (2005) in relation to the issue of parameter resetting in the acquisition of overt embedded subjects and objects in adjunct clauses by Chinese speakers of L2 English. Following Kong (2005), the study argues against Huang's (1984) proposal that null embedded subjects in Chinese are pro whereas null embedded objects in Chinese are variables. In fact, both null embedded subjects and null embedded objects could be pro. 'Topichood' could be argued as a generalized property of Chinese which in turn may have an effect on the interpretation of L2 English speakers' overt embedded subjects and objects, rendering symmetrical embedded subjects and objects possible in the study. Findings of the study also lend support to the claim made by Kong (2005), following Tsimpli and Roussou (1991) that functional values associated parameters are inaccessible after the critical period, that what appears to be a parameter resetting can be in fact an adjustment of L2 setting to match the L1
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