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標題: 高線性度功率放大器的設計與分析
The Design and Analysis of High Linearity Power Amplifier
作者: 維, 王
Wang, Wei
關鍵字: 高線性度功率放大器;Power amplifier
出版社: 電機工程學系
現在的數位個人通信系統功率放大器線性度的要求愈來愈高‧傳統的類比調變系統既使是在較差的線性度時仍然可以保持信號的傳輸,然而現今的數位系統在信號傳輸錯誤率超過10-7 時,系統就已經不能正常的工作,用戶甚至會出現斷話的情形‧功率放大器位於發射器的最後一級,它的線性度主宰了整個傳輸路徑的線性度好壞‧本論文將專注於高線性度功率放大器的研究‧

High linearity power amplifier for wireless communication system will be studied thoroughly in this research. Today's digital PCS systems require high linearity power amplifiers. Conventional analog systems could get away with lower linearity because analog communications could still be accomplished with noise in the transmission. But today's digital systems do not work well with noise or distortion. When the bit error rate (BER) is greater than 10-7, a subscriber using the system will experience gaps in communication or even dropped calls.
The thesis is divided into three major subjects. The first subject is the basic theory about power amplifier design. In the second we analyze the effect of feedback source inductance, input matching & output matching to power amplifier Linearity performance. In the last section we demonstrate a filter amplifier , it's first time to combine the concept of filter with amplifier and use a real circuit to implement it .The amplifier could provide 15dB power gain .A PAE of better than 40% at 33dBm output power and an ACPR of —30dBc in 802.11b operation are documented.
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