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標題: 孔雀草有效防治土壤線虫之研究
Effects of French Marigold (Tagetes patula L.) on The Control of Soil Nematode
作者: 胡思賢
Hu, Sy-Shen
Huang, Min-Chang
關鍵字: Soil Nematode;土壤線虫;Tagetes patula L.;孔雀草
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 3, Page(s) 31-36.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 3, Page(s) 31-36.
以鳳仙花,豇豆和桔梗做指示植物,使用孔雀草Petite Harmony,Petite Gold,Bolero和Naughty Marietta等4品種供土壤寄生性線虫防治試驗之結果;以單瓣之Naughty Marietta品種防治效果最好,重辦品種之效果較差。如依栽培方式而言,孔雀草供做前作之效果以拔除孔雀草之方式較好。把孔雀草株體混進土壤中,處理過程較不方便。用間作方式,因孔雀草生長快而旺盛,可能影響主作物之發育和收穫。

Balsam, Vigna and Platycodon were used as indicator crops in the control of soil nematode by four varieties of French marigold; Petite Harmony, Petite Gold, Botero and Naughty Marietta. Naughty Marietta, a single ray floret variety reduced the damage of soil nematode. Other three double ray floret varieties had lower effects,
Preplanting French marigold 45 days before planting of indicator crops was a better control soil nematode method, and followed by mixing French marigold in the soil. Interplanting French marigold and indicator crops was less desirable, because of vigorous growth of French marigold which suppressed the growth and production of main indicator crops.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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