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標題: 植物生長抑制劑對荔枝開花結果之影響
The Effect of Plant Retardants on Blooming and Fruit Bearing of Litchi Trees
作者: 黃弼臣
Pi-Chen Huang
關鍵字: Plant Retardants;植物生長抑制劑;Blooming;Fruit Bearing;開花;結果
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 4, Page(s) 1-4.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 4, Page(s) 1-4.
使用Alar,MH,CCC三種抑制藥劑,各分三種濃度處理荔枝樹已著蕾之花穗,觀察其對開花結果之影響,試驗結果獲知對開花期及開花均無影響,對結果率則Alar 1000ppm有增進效果,餘皆不著,三種藥劑比較Alar及CCC結果率隨濃度增高而減少,MH則隨濃度增高而增加,藥劑對果實品質,在果大小及個重方面,皆較對點者為差略有抑制作用。

Alar, MH and CCC were used in 3 concentrations for drenching flower bud branches of Litchi tree, and found no effects on blooming and blooming date. As for fruit bearing, Alar 1000 ppm had somewhat higher percentage than the check. Among concentration of Alar, CCC and MH, the higher concentration of Alar and CCC, ten higher fruit bearing percentage, the higher concentration of MH, the lower fruit bearing percentage. Fruit size and weight of individual fruit was slightly inferior.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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