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標題: 多種無線通訊跳頻分碼多工系統之設計與效能分析
Designs and Performance Analyses for Various FH-CDMA Wireless Communication Systems
作者: 王志成
Wang, Chih-Cheng
關鍵字: FH-CDMA;跳頻多工;CDMA;Wireless Communication Systems;Prime Code;分碼多工;無線通訊系統;質數碼
出版社: 電機工程學系
隨著無線通訊技術的成長,跳頻分碼多工的研究日益受到重視。跳頻分碼多工是種可供多用戶使用的多工技術並可提供更具彈性的服務。其藉由分配給用戶不同之跳頻碼,讓多用戶可同時使用相同的頻帶。在本論文中,我們研究分析並比較兩類傳統之跳頻架構,並提出兩種新的快跳跳頻架構調變方式。首先我們分析比較兩類多頻鍵移(MFSK)調變之跳頻系統,進而提出利用質數碼特性的整合型新跳頻架構以彌補為了提高傳輸率而縮短時槽(time chips)的不足。而另一種新提出之多載波開關鍵移(MC-OOK)是具有較佳頻寬效能的調變方式。這種調變方式可以使在固定頻寬下擁有較多的跳頻通道(slots),因此可以降低多用戶存取干擾的效應。我們設計並研究此兩種新提出之跳頻分碼多工架構,分析其效能並與兩類之傳統架構作比較

The studies of frequency-hopping code division multiple access (FH-CDMA) wireless systems have been receiving attention recently with the fast growth of wireless communication technologies. FH-CDMA has been known as one of the wireless multiple access techniques, which can provide various services with flexibility. By assigning a distinct FH pattern to each user, the FH-CDMA wireless systems can allow multiple users to share the same frequency band simultaneously. In this thesis, we investigate two kinds of conventional fast FH-CDMA wireless systems and propose two new schemes for fast FH-CDMA systems. First, we compare the performances of two conventional MFSK/FH-CDMA systems, and we then propose an integrated FH-CDMA scheme by utilizing the advantage of good cross-correlation properties of prime code. By using the quadratic combinations of prime code sequences, the proposed scheme can increase the data rate and improve the system performance at the same time. The other newly proposed multicarrier on-off keying (MC-OOK) scheme is a bandwidth-efficient modulation scheme for FH-CDMA wireless systems. This scheme can have a larger number of frequency slots for a fixed bandwidth, and thus reduces the effect of multiple access interference. We design and investigate these two proposed FH-CDMA schemes and compare the system performance with the other two conventional FH-CDMA schemes.
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