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標題: 不同新世紀梨接穗寄接低海拔梨砧生產試驗
Studies on the Grafting and Fruit Production Efficiency of Different Shinseiki Pear Scion on Low Altitude Grown Pear Stocks
作者: 翁慎微
Shen-Wei Weng
Chen-Chu Nee
Shih-Sheng Lo
關鍵字: Shinseiki Pear;新世紀梨;Low Altitude Grown Pear;Grafting;低海拔梨;寄接
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 4, Page(s) 23-26.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 4, Page(s) 23-26.
Four treatments were included in this experiment: A. Scions from trees cultivated at high altitude were grafted on the low altitude grown Hongshan pear stock. B. Scions resulted from grafting between Hongshan pear and Shinseiki pear in the previous year were grafted once more on Hongshan pear at low altitude. C. Scions from trees planted at high altitude were grafted on Sungmao pear stock. D. Scions from trees planted at low altitude were grafted on Sungmao pear stock. Scions of treatment B and D were stored for about 600 hours at 5â to break dormancy. Results indicated that scions from trees cultivated at low altitude could be used for â parasitic-graftingâ and fruit prodution at the same sea level. The fruits thus obtained have the same quality as those of the other treatments, this seems to indicated that scions which are needed for fruit production at low altitude, will no longer rely on the supply of Lishan area. Among these four treatments, fruits derived from scion of Sungmao pear stock seems to have better quality than those from Hongshan pear.
Note: Scion means scion of Shinseiki with flower bud.

ISSN: 0255-5921
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