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dc.contributor.authorYeh, Kuang-Chienen_US
dc.contributor.authorHuang, Min-Changen_US
dc.description.abstractSeven cultivars of chrysanthemum were used in the re-illumination experiments for the study of cut-flower quality improvement. The cultivars were: Shiang-kang-Hung, shin-chung-Huang, Ching-Shin-Chih-Hwa, Yueh-Tsu-Yeow, Ching-shin-Chih-Hong, Shih-Chieh-I and Dark Summer pink. Plants were subjected to natural short-day treatment for a period of 7-21 days and followed by re-illumination for 5-25 days. The combinations of long and short day treatments were as follows: S15L5, S15L10, S15L15, S15L20, S15L25, S7L20, S14L20, S21L20. Conventional illumination served as a control, and comparison was made on the basis of vegetative growth and flowering conditions. Result showed that the height of all plant increase with the treatments. The maximum increase in height of 50 cm was found for Shiang-Kang-Hung and a minimun increase of 15 cm was noted for Shin-chung-Huang cultivar, leaf area increased 2-4 times after treatment as compared with the control. The diameter of flower increased for all treated cultivars. Particluarly, the Ching-Shin-Chih-Hwa cultivar had an average increase of 3 cm which was the highest obtainable value. The number of ray florets increased up to 200 per capitulum for the Yueh-Tsu-yeow cultivar. The above results indicated that re-illumination did improve the quality of cut flower. However, abnormal flower appeared occasionarly on some treatment conditions, of all the treatments, the best results were obtained with the system which has 14-15 short-days treatment followed by 15 days re-illumination. The appearance of abnormal flowers were found the lowest under these conditions. The delay in flowering caused by re-illumination can be calculated by adding the no. of shortday treatment to the no. of re-illumination than minus 10-15 days. This can be applied to estimate the date of flowering after re-illuminations.en_US
dc.description.abstract本試驗使用七種切花用菊花品種,精興之花,月之友,精興之轟以及香港紅,新種黃,世界一,Dark SummerPink。經基本電照處理之後,給與7-21天的自然短日,然後在電照5-25天。所用短日數和長日數以S15 L5,S15 L15,S15 L20,S15 L25,S7 L20,S11 L20,S21 L20之方式組合,並以一般電照處理法為對照組做比較,觀察生長開花之影響。 其結果表示,經在電照處理之植株,皆有增加株高之趨勢,香港紅增高最多50cm,精興之花的花徑最大,增加3cm之多。舌狀花數亦增多,月之友增加有200多片,花朵下之葉片也有增大之情形這些增加均能達到提高切花品質之目的。經檢討各再電照處理方式中,以自然短日14-15天後,再電照15天的切花品質最好,發生畸形花也最少。再電照所延遲的開花日數,約短日數加再電照日數減去10-15天來計算,以利調節開花。zh_TW
dc.relation興大園藝, Volume 4, Page(s) 27-36.zh_TW
dc.relationHorticulture NCHU, Volume 4, Page(s) 27-36.en_US
dc.subjectCutting Floweren_US
dc.titleEffects of Re-illumination on The Improvement of Cutting Flower Quality of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.en_US
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