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標題: GA3, ABA與MH-30對洋蔥儲藏力增進之影響
Effects of GA3, ABA and MH-30 on Storability of Onion
作者: 蘇愛雲
A. Y. Su
W. N. Chang
關鍵字: ABA;洋蔥;MH-3;Onion;Storability;儲藏力
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 5, Page(s) 12-16.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 5, Page(s) 12-16.
洋蔥鱗莖採收前二星期以GA3,ABA與MH-30處理,發現鱗莖經一個月之貯藏,各處理間之平均腐爛率即呈顯著之差異。貯藏期間之腐爛率以MH-30單獨或與 100ppm ABA 混合處理者為最低,對照組(0ppm)與 GA3 處理者為最高。鱗莖萌芽率,經五個月貯藏後以 100 ppm MH-30 與 200 ppm MH-30 或與 100ppm ABA混合處理者最低,均小於10%以下,而以 10 ppm GA3 與 100 pp GA3 處理者為最高,達26.7%與43.3%, 並顯著高於對照組(0ppm)之16.7%。

GA3, ABA and MH-30 were injected into bulbs at two weeks before harvest in order to study effects of growth substances on onion bulb storability. After one month storage, there significant differences among treatments. Bulbs treated with MH-30 alone or combined with 100ppm ABA showed the lowest in rotting percentage. After five months in storage, bulbs treated with GA3 as well as bulbs from control had the highest in rotting. Bulbs reated with 100 ppm MH-30, 200 ppm MH-30 or combined with 100 ppm ABA had less 10% in sprouting. But bulb with 10 ppm GA3 and 100 ppm GA3 showed the highest of 26.7% and 43.3%, respectively in sprouting which were significantly higher than 16.7% of control.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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