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標題: The Effects of GA3, BA and Ethrel on The Leaf Coloration of Croton (Codiaeum variegatum Blum)
GA3, BA和Ethrel 影響變葉木葉色之研究
作者: 黃敏展
Huang, Min-Chang
Yen, Yeoung-Fu
關鍵字: Codiaeum variegatum Blum;變葉木;Ethrel;BA;GA3
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 5, Page(s) 17-31.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 5, Page(s) 17-31.
The objective of this study was to investigate the respective effects of some growth regulators on the leaf color development of Croton. Two cultivars: “Caribean Star”and “Andreanum” were used in the experiment. The Crotons were planted in 6〞 pot, and were sprayed with the concentration of 1, 10, 100 ppm BA or GA3, or with 10, 100, 1000 ppm Ethrel respectively. Investigation were made 35 days after treatments.
The results showed that growth regulators affected more on the colored portion than the green part of leaf. The colored portion of the leaves changed to red with 10, 100 ppm BA treatments in “Caribean Star” and 100 ppm BA in “Andreanum”. No significantly effect were found on the leaf color change with GA3 or Ethrel treatments. The colored portion of the leaf changed to deep yellow only with 1000 ppm Ethrel treatment.
Anthocyanins content of the leaves increased with 100 ppm BA treatment. And decreased with 1000 ppm Ethrel in “Caribean Star”or with 10 ppm GA3 in “Andreanum”. Carotenoids and chlorophylls content of the leaves increased with 1 ppm BA in “Caribean Star”and with 10 ppm BA in “Andreanum”. The pigments content were found more in “Caribean Star” than in “Andreanum”.

本實驗使用變葉木龜甲紅 cv. Caribean Star和大龞甲 cv. Andreanum兩品種為材料,以生長素GA3 1, 10, 100 ppm, BA 1, 10, 100 ppm 和 Ethrel 10, 100, 1000 ppm 處理栽植在花盆內植株 之結果;影響變葉木葉片色彩相當顯著,而且表現也很快,在35~45天之內達到最高程度。其中BA的影響最顯著,以 100 ppm處理時,兩品種都明顯的轉紅,連綠色部分也帶紅。GA3和 Ethrel 的影響較少,僅 Ethrel 1000 ppm 處理時,色彩部分黃色較濃。經抽出各處理區紅花素和胡蘿蔔素,測定其含量的結果。以 BA 100 ppm 處理的含量最高,葉綠素的含量以 BA 1ppm 和 10 ppm 處理含量較高。用GA3和 Ethrel 處理時,依品種和處理濃度,其含量有變化,龜甲紅用 Ethrel 1000 ppm ,大龞甲 用 GA3 10 ppm 處理時,紅花素的含量最低。以品種間來比較;龜甲紅的色素含量較多,大龞甲的含量較少。
ISSN: 0255-5921
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