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標題: 牧場觀光之研究以味全食品公司埔心牧場為例
Studies of Ranch Tourism "Po-Hsin Ranch of Wei-chuan Food Industry Co, LTD."
作者: Lok-chien Lin
Kuang-chun Lin
關鍵字: 味全食品公司;Wei-chuan Food Industry;埔心牧場;牧場觀光;Po-Hsin Ranch;Ranch Tourism
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 7, Page(s) 1-8.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 7, Page(s) 1-8.

Studies of Ranch Tourism “Po-Hsin Ranch of Wei-Chuan Food Industry Co., LTD.”
Agritourism is associated with agriculture production, tourism and recreation. It provides educational, economical, social, therapeutic, esthetic, recreational and land multiple use's function. The present situation of agritourism in Taiwan is mainly dealing with environmental utilization. In future, types of management in ranch tourism will include: 1. Display ranch 2.Utilization ranch 3. Meat product barbecue 4. Vacation ranch 5. Market tourism.
The ranch tourism maybe developed under one of the following major conditions: Firstly: By the demand of government policy which encourages livestock farming and slopeland development. Secondary: Favoured by the contemporary social conditions and trend such as population pressure in urban area, increase of disposable income, more leisure time, high degree of mobility effected by transport means and a common desire for more enterprise of ranch tourism a promising prospect.
A survey made on those who visit the Po-Hsin Ranch revealed that the visitors are greatly interested in ranch tourism and hoped that the active program would be strengthened. We take this ranch as a case study of planning and as an example of ranch tourism.
Evalutation of Po-Hsin Ranch is based on the criteria such as attractiveness of ranch resources and accessibility. The foreseenable consequences which are deterimental to landscape and ecology caused by construction and visitors may be minimized through careful ranch management.
It is suggested that a law concerning agritourism should be passed and enforced as soon as possible. Ranch of eastern, southern and mountain areas are appropriate to be developed into vacation sites and save those of northern Taiwan for urban recreational development in compliance with a long-term plan.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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