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標題: 縮短葡萄柚實生苗幼年期效應
Effect of Shortening Juvenility on the Grapefruit Seedling
作者: Nien-Tze Fan
關鍵字: Grapefruit;幼年期;Shortening Juvenility;Seedling;實生苗;葡萄柚
Project: Horticulture NCHU, Volume 7, Page(s) 9-12.
興大園藝, Volume 7, Page(s) 9-12.
葡萄柚實生苗具有較長幼年性,四年生實生苗採用環狀刻傷、吊尾或SADH藥劑處理對新梢長度及節間長度均有抑制效果。環狀刻傷或SADH 2500 ppm處理並有促進結果枝發生效果,值得更進一步探討。

Grapefruit seedlings grown from seed has the juvenility. 4 years old seedling by ringing, bending and SADH treatment had a pronounced retarding effect on shoot growth and internode length. Ringing and SADH 2500 ppm treatment showed promise for occurance of flower twig of non-bearing grapefruit tree.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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