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標題: Effects of Dry heat bulb treatments on Flowering Promotion of Polianthes tuberosa L.
作者: 黃敏展
Huang, Shiouh-Jen
Huang, Min-Chang
關鍵字: 高溫乾燥;Dry heat;促進開花;晚香玉;Flowering Promotion;Polianthes tuberosa L.
Project: Horticulture NCHU, Volume 7, Page(s) 30-46.
興大園藝, Volume 7, Page(s) 30-46.
冬季高溫乾燥處理之結果,以人工高溫處理30℃45天的效果較好,可提早發芽,抽苔及開花。分析內在生長素時,也有大量的促進生長物質存在,並無抑制物質 ,而未處理的對照組,在栽植後的發芽,抽苔和開花均有顯著的延遲,其內在抑制物質的活性也很高。夏季乾燥處理的結果;以未處理的對照組之抽苔及開花率較高,而經乾燥處理者均延緩開花,其所含內在生長素也以對照組所含促進物質活性較高,塑膠棚下45天的乾燥處理所含抑制物質最多。冬季變溫處理時,以30℃-45天處理,細胞色素氧化酵素的活性最高,30℃-15天加15℃-15天處理的酵素活性較低,未處理對照組也低。

Double veriety of Polianthes tuberosa L. was used in this experiment. After harvesting in different season, the bulbs were subjected to various treatments, in order to evaluate the effect of temperature and drying period on the growth bolting and flowering of the tuber. The treatments included;
1. Drying with high temperature (30℃) in an incubator and natural drying outdoor for a period of 0, 15, 30, 45 and 60 days, during winter season.
2.Drying during summer months indoor and outdoor under plastic cover for a period of 1, 15, 30, 45 and 60 days.
3. Drying at 30℃ and 15℃ respectively.
The results were as follows:
After drying with high temperature, those stored at 30℃ for 45 days which showed the best results of promoted sprouting, bolting and flowering. The treated samples, after analyzing was found containing high levels of endogenous growth promoting substances in the acidic fraction of ethyl acetate. No growth inhibitor was found in the same sample. However the control had a relativity high level of growth inhibited substances, thus caused a delay in sprouting, bolting and flowering.
Natural drying during summer months resulted in a higher bolting and flowering rate in the control as compared to the treated. The responsed of those natural drying under plastic cover outdoor was unfavorable. Natural drying indoor had better results than those natural drying under plastic cover outdoor. Apical meristem observation revealed the control was found to reach stage Ⅵ earlier than the treated bulbs.
Among the different temperature treated samples during winter, those stored at 30℃ 45 days had higher activity of cytochrome oxidase and also earlier in the differentiation of apical meristem. Those samples treated at 15℃ 30 days, 30℃ 15 days + 15℃ 15 days together with the untreated had the lowest enzyme activity and also slower in the differentiation of apical meristem.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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