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標題: A Design of Standard Light Intensity for the Control of Flowering Chrysanthemum
作者: 黃敏展
Huang, Min-Chang
Chu, Chien-Young
關鍵字: Chrysanthemum;菊花;Standard Light Intensity;標準照明
Project: Horticulture NCHU, Volume 9, Page(s) 45-49.
興大園藝, Volume 9, Page(s) 45-49.
菊花使用在暗期中斷的長日處理方式抑制開花時,各品種所需光照程度不同,所需最低光度分別為“黃秀芳之力”34lux,“月之友”28lux,“白大將”20lux,“Orange Marble”20lux,各種光度下均不能抑制春泉品種開花。在台灣省各菊花切花生產專業區之中,以田尾地區的設燈方式比較合乎標準。即設燈高度為170公分,燈行距450公分,燈距270~280公分,最低光度點30~40 lux。嘉義地區設燈方式不確實,最低光度為16~40 lux,埔里地區設燈方式最低光度點64~84 lux,較為浪費。

Treatments of illumination in the middle of dark period can prevent chrysanthemum from flowering. Different photoperiodic responses were found in each cultivar. The minimum light levels for cultivars are 〝Huang-Show-Fan-Tsu-Li〞 34 lux, 〝Yueh-Tsu-Yeow〞 28 lux, 〝Pai-Ta-Chiang〞20 lux, and 〝Orang Marble〞 20lux, 〝Tsun-Chuen〞 flowering under all levels of light.
In Tien-Wei area, the lamps were placed 170cm above the soil surface, the distance between lamps were 450cm × 270 to 280cm, and the minimum light level was 30-40 lux. In Chia-Yi area, the minimum light level was 16-40lux. In Pou-Li area, the minimum light level was 64-84 lux. The differences were due to lamp arrangements.
Light emission in 〝lux〞 from single incandescent lamps, ranging from 40W to 100W, including reflection type and general type, were arranged in the table according to the lamp height of 170cm and 150cm above the ground. A method of calculating the desired lamp spacing to achieve a desired light intensity is illustrated.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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