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標題: Effect of Seed Treatments on Improving Seed Viability of Sweet Pepper ( Capsicum annuum L. )
作者: 王清瑩
C. Y. Wang
W. N. Chang
關鍵字: 種子處理;Seed Treatments;種子發芽活力;甜椒;Seed Viability;Sweet Pepper
Project: Horticulture NCHU, Volume 10, Page(s) 5-10.
興大園藝, Volume 10, Page(s) 5-10.
Leaching treatment up to 72 hours could shorten the number of days required to germinate sweet pepper seeds. The effect is more significant as the time of leaching increased. Seed viability started to decline at least 96 hours after treatment. Seeds treatment at 25° and 35℃ showed better effect than at 15℃. Between 25℃ and 35℃ there was no difference in percentage, number of days and speed of germination. PEG treatment at -10 and -15 bar could significantly increase the speed and shorten the number of days required to germinate sweet pepper seed.

甜椒種子浸種處理至72小時內,可以縮短種子發芽所需日數及提高種子發芽速度,浸種時間愈長,其效果愈顯著,浸種時間至96小時則其效果開始降低。以25°及35℃浸種者其效果較15℃者為有效,惟25°與35℃浸種處理間對種子之發芽百分率、發芽天數及發芽速度則無顯著差異。-10及-15bar PEG調滲處理亦可顯著促進種子之發芽速度,縮短種子發芽所需日數。
ISSN: 0255-5921
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