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標題: 印度棗營養失調症狀調查
A Study of Mineral Deficiency Symptoms of Indian jujube
作者: 林深林
Sheng-Lin Lin
D. J. Yeh
Kuo-Chuan Lee
Heuy-Ling Lin
關鍵字: 症狀;Symptom;營養失調;印度棗;Mineral Deficiency;Indian jujube
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 12, Page(s) 39-48.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 12, Page(s) 39-48.
印度棗(Indian jujube)為本省之重要熱帶果數,由於生長快速,因此容易發生營養失調。本試驗利用水耕栽培方式,誘導印度棗各項元素缺乏,建立個別要素之失調症狀。並拍照記錄,提供果農目視診斷之參考,適時改進肥培管理。結果如下:
(二)缺磷: 植株僵硬(stiffness),側枝生長減少,葉面積小,且葉色較深綠。
(三)缺鉀: 下位葉緣產生黃化,漸次伸展至主脈中間部份,嚴重時葉緣出現壞疽。
(四)缺鈣: 芽體褐化,頂梢萎凋,新葉扭曲焦枯,最後產生嚴重之落葉現象。
(五)缺鎂: 病徵首先出現於下位葉之各主脈間,主脈及葉緣仍維持綠色,嚴重時產生壞疽。
(六)缺鐵: 新梢葉片均勻黃化呈檸檬黃色。
(七)缺硼: 植株頂端停止生長,莖部膨大末期頂梢萎凋,頂葉葉脈黃白化,並產生落葉現象。

Indian jujube is one of the important tropical fruits in Taiwan. The extreme rapidity in the growth rate of the tree usually result in nutrient deficiency. In this experiment, water culture was employed to induce the individual symptoms of 7 elements. Photographs were taken, characteristics recorded in order to provide the fruit grower with a simple and effective method of diagnosis of nutrient disorder, and thus the improvement of the orchard management. Result are as follows:
1. Nitrogen deficiency: Plant growth retarded, chlorosis of the lower leaves.
2. Potassium deficiency: Plant affected produces a stiff, upright growth pattern. Other symptoms include reduced growth rate of the side brances, small leaf area and relatively dark green leaves.
3. Potassium deficiency: Chlorosis of the margin of the lower leaves, extended into the areas between main leaf veins. Necrosis of leaf margin in severe cases.
4. Calcium deficiency: Browning of buds. Wilting of shoot tip; new leave twisted and dry, leaves fall in the sever case.
5. Magnisum deficiency: symptom first appeares in the areas betwween the veins of more mature leaves. Necrosis observed in the severe case.
6. Iron deficiency: Yellowing of the new leaves on shoot tip. The distribution of yellow color is rather even.
7. Boron deficiency: Plant growth arested. Stem shorten and expanded. Wilting of shoot tip at a later growth stage and finally leaf falls.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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