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標題: 在FPGA發展平台上軟硬體協同設計與實現雙微處理器的移動式JPEG 可攜式播放器
Implementation of Motion JPEG with Dual Cores and Hardware/Software CoDesign on FPGA Platform
作者: 蔡豐丞
Tsai, Feng-Cheng
關鍵字: Motion JPEG;移動式JPEG;NAND Flash;Portable Media Media;CoDesign;快閃記憶體;微處理器;可攜式多媒體播放器;協同設計
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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可攜式產品近年來的發展可用突飛猛進來形容,在個人撥放器這領域上一開始為CD播放器的天下,隨著數位音樂的興起, MP3播放器逐漸取代了傳統的CD播放器,然而小巧的螢幕中只能內含音訊,漸漸的已不能滿足消費者的需求,而配有較大尺寸並含有視訊撥放功能的可攜式產品已成為主流,然而可攜式產品的電池容量有所限制,要在輕薄短小的裝置中內含強大的視訊編解碼器則耗費大量功耗。由於體積與成本限制使移動式 JPEG受到歡迎並普及於許多可攜式產品上。
本篇論文我們運用雙微處理器與軟硬體協同設計的平台方式來實現移動式 JPEG,因大部分可攜式產品皆採用ARM處理器來實現,而本論文則以增強型的8051微控制器加上增強型數位訊號處理器來實現,平台上整合了包含快閃記憶體控制器、記憶體控制器、彩色液晶模組控制器、高效能匯流排控制器、微型硬碟控制器及許多的矽智財,最後運用韌體來控制8051微控制器讓此平台能播放320x240 @15Hz的影音檔。

Portable product progresses rapidly in recent years. Because digital music gets popular, the MP3 player replaces traditional CD players in the personal player market. Small screen which demonstrates audio files only can no longer satisfy customers'' need, portable products with larger screen and video playing function therefore become the mainstream. There''s also battery capacity limitation. A device with both slim in size/weight and powerful en/decoder leads to high power consumptions. Owing to size and cost limitations, the motion JPEG is now popular and prevalent in many portable products.
In this thesis, the motion JPEG was accomplished by dual-cores and software/hardware co-design platform. Instead of using ARM processor which most portable products adopt, we tried to combine the enhanced 8051 processor and the enhanced digital signal processor. The platform integrates a flash memory controller, a memory controller, a color liquid crystal module controller, a high performance bus controller, a micro drive controller and various SIPs, and the 8051 processor was controlled by firmwares to enable the platform to play audio and video files with 320X240 resolution.
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