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標題: Leaf Characterization of Microcultured, Acclimatized under Mist and Greenhouse-grown Miniature Rose by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
作者: 朱建鏞
Chien-Young Chu
Sharon L. Knight
關鍵字: Leaf anatomy;葉片構造;Rosa chinensis minima;迷你玫瑰
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 16, Page(s) 23-32.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 16, Page(s) 23-32.
The leaf anatomy of miniature rose (Rosa chinensis minima) cv. RedSunblaze from in vitro culture through rooting under mist and transplanting to a greenhouse, was obsedved by scanning electron microscopy.
On the abaxial surface, plantlets culture in vitro and rooted under mist revealed deposits of raised epicuticular wax. In contrast, greenhouse plants had a flat abaxial surface with little raised epicuticular wax. Stomata were well defined on the abaxial leaf surface and were similar in size and shape (ellipsoid) in greenhouse grown or mist-rooted plantlets. Stomata of in vitro-culture plantlets were many different sizes and circular or ellipsoid.
When leaves were grown under mist or in the greenhouse , a transverse section revealed well-defined palisade (rod shape) and sponge (tube shape) mesophyll cells, while the palisade mesophyll of plantlets cultured in vitro was arranged loosely with sperical cells.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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