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標題: Physical and Chemical Properties of Several Local Available Growth Media
作者: 林深林
Shen-Lin Lin
Wu-Nan Chang
Kim-Ho Ng
關鍵字: 金針菇棄堆肥;Waste cotton;物理性;保綠人造土;本土介質;炭化玉米穗軸;香菇棄堆肥;稻殼;炭化稻殼;化學性;Local available growth media;Carbonized corn cob;Carbonized rice hull;Spend golden mushroom compost;Spend shitake mushroom compost;Rice hull
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 18, Page(s) 73-88.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 18, Page(s) 73-88.
供試本土介質之理化性分析結果顯示: 在物理方面,金針菇棄堆肥;香菇棄堆肥、保綠人造土、碳化玉米穗軸具有良好保水力及通氣性,與三種泥碳苔介質相似;稻殼與碳化稻殼之通氣性佳,惟保水力不足。除紅土外,各供試介質之總孔隙度高且質輕,符合理想介質之標準。在化學性方面,腐熟金針菇棄堆肥與香菇棄堆肥之酚類化合物都遠較堆積前明顯降低,而磷含量與EC值則增加。腐熟金針菇棄堆肥與炭化稻殼含大量鉀元素;而香菇棄堆肥則含大量鈣元素。各本土介質之CEC都遠低於三種泥炭苔介質則為其缺點。

Several local available growth media including spend golden mushroom compost (GMC), spend shitake mushroom compost (SMC), waste cotton (WC), rice hull (RH), carbonized corn cob (CCC), and red soil (RS) were tested for their physical and chemical properties. The tested properties were compared to three peat moss growth media. GMC, SMC, WC, and CCC had fairy good water holding capacity and aeration. RH and CRH had good aeration but low water holding capacity. Considering air filled porosity, all tested media had good performance except RS. after ageing, GMC and SMC were found decreased in total phenolic compounds and increased in phosphorous and EC. A significant amount of K were found in aged GMC and CRH, while aged SMC was found to contain much more Ca. All the local media tested were low in CEC than peat moss media.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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