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標題: Microclimate Changes under Non-Woven Fabric Floating Row Cover
作者: 陳邦華
Bang-Hwa Chen
Chia-Chung Chen
Woo-Nang Chang
關鍵字: 直覆式栽培;Row cover;微氣候;Microclimate
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 19, Page(s) 71-80.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 19, Page(s) 71-80.

The changes of microclimated under floating row cover of different weight non-woven fabric, 17 and 30g/m2 for growing edible amaranth and leafy lettuce were investigated. Result showed that heavier weight of non-woven fabric had better effect on maintaining tempereture and moisture and could increase the temperature from 1 to 5℃. Solar transmittance reduced when solar energy (w/m2) increased and the PAR transmittance for photosynthesis is not affected by solar energy (μmol/s.m2). The data on microclimate changes under row cover can be used as good reference in winter vegetable production.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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