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標題: 足球機器人系統中模糊控制器的設計
Design of Fuzzy Controllers in Robot Soccer Systems
作者: 俞伯璋
Po-Chang , Yu
關鍵字: robot soccer system;足球機器人;fuzzy controller;模糊控制器
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis develops methodologies and techniques for the design of fuzzy controllers to make soccer robots complete certain specific behaviors. In order to equip the soccer robots with the ability of shooting, intercepting, blocking, sweeping, and standing by, a path planning method using Hermite polynomials is proposed. The parameters in the fuzzy controller are designed with the genetic algorithm. The fitness function in the genetic algorithm is designed to reflect the fact that a good fuzzy controller can make soccer robots follow the path rapidly and exactly. Simulation results are included for illustrating the feasibility of the fuzzy controller design.
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