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標題: The Automation of Flower Production in Europe and United States of America
作者: Chia-Chung Chen
Ruey-Song Lin
關鍵字: 環境控制;Postharvest handling;產品處理;花卉生產;自動化;穴盤育苗;Environmental control;Plug production;Automation;Flower production
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 20, Page(s) 27-39.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 20, Page(s) 27-39.
花卉生產種苗生產十分專業化,高投資的播種機,精密溫室及科學化的栽培管理及種苗貯藏技術形成高效率、高品質育苗作業系統。球根生產著重種球品質管制,調整、貯運及出貨。在花卉栽培生產之溫室種類與結構,歐洲花卉生產溫室主要有兩型,一為芬諾Venlo,另一為大跨距Wide span型,美國則大部分為大跨距Wide span型,近來發展成改良型增強抗風性。溫室內之設備注重溫度、相對溼度、人工光源及施肥澆水枝控制管理。同時花卉產品之集貨貯藏設施及運輸使用自動化運輸系統,達到植物工廠之境界。

Flower industry is well developed in Europe and USA. Protected-structure culture and horticultural facilities are prosperous. It is very convenient to purchase and maintain facilities due to uniform and practical design. Both horticultural production technique and automatic machine match together processing automation of production proserously.
Efficient and good quality nursery handing and much investment. Bulb production is emphasized on quality control, bulb treatment, stotage and shipping. Greenhouses for flower production are divided by Venlo and wide span types in Europe, and wide span was conducted. Temperature control, relative humidity monitor, articial light supplement, fertilization, watering system facilities are well installed in greenhouses. Moreover, the automation of handling and shipping for flower product make approach to plant factory.
Through struggles for many years, consequently, reasonable, scientific, commerical automation of flowe production is well done. The connection of nursery production, cultivation and postharvest handling on flower production make the flower industry prosperous in Europe and USA.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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