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標題: Studies on Shoot Growth in PE House Grapevines
作者: 謝素華
Shu-Hwa Shieh
Yau-Shiang Yang
Yi-Ru Wu
關鍵字: Grapevine;簡易溫室;Shoot growth;PE house;葡萄;枝梢生長
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 21, Page(s) 53-64.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 21, Page(s) 53-64.

In order to investigate the shoot growth of PE house grapevines, 11 year-old 'Kyoho' (Vitis vinifera L. × Vitis labruscana Bailey) vines in PE house and field were used as material. It was found that the temperature of early spring was elevated higher in the PE house. The higher temperature was fit for budbreak and shoot growth. However, the microclimate in the PE house somewhat different from that in the feild appeared in certain disadvantages in shoot growth, such as shorter shoots, thinner, less fresh and dry weights in leaf were observed in PE house grapeveines. These symptoms were due to high temperature, humidity and lower solar intensity under the PE house.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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