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標題: 唐菖蒲球莖微體繁殖與馴化之研究
Studies on the Micropropagation and Acclimatization of Gladiolus hybridus Hort.
作者: 陳美滿
Mei-Man Chen
Tsai-Yih Wang
關鍵字: Acclimatization;唐菖蒲;Gladiolus;Micropropagation;微體繁殖;馴化
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 22, Issue 2, Page(s) 113-121.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 22, Issue 2, Page(s) 113-121.
The explants are cultured in MS medium to which the different concentration of BA are added. As a result, ‘Pink Lady
'has the greatest multiplication rate. In general, the explants produce increasingly the stunt shoots or callus in proportion to the increase of the BA concentration. The multiplication rate in the MS medium with supplement BA in more than that supplement Kinetin. During the period of inducing the roots of explants, if the activated charcoal 3 g/l, NAA 0.5 mg/l and higher sucrose concentration are added to 1/2 MS basal medium, it will help the development root length, roots number, fresh weight od plantlets, dry weight of plantlets, and enhance the survival rate after transplanting. Plantlet produced cormlets two ways, one transplanted plantlets , after acclimatization, produced cormlets in greenhouse, the other plantlets produced cormlets in vitro . The former produced larger-size cormlets than the latter.

唐菖蒲球莖莖頂培植體培養於不同濃度BA的MS培養基中,品種間芽體的增殖率,以"Pink Lady"增殖率最高。一般培植體隨著BA濃度增度,而產生大量短縮化芽體或形成癒合組織。培養基中添加BA芽體增殖率較添加Kinetin的處理效果佳。培植體於誘導發根期,以半量MS培養基中添加活性碳 3mg/NAA 0.5mg/l。提高培養基中蔗糖濃度,可高瓶苗的根長、根數、瓶苗鮮重及移稙後的存活率。瓶苗至形益小球莖,由二途徑,一為瓶苗經馴化後移植於溫室中,於溫室中形成小球莖;另可將瓶苗培養於瓶內,至形成小球莖,前者所形成之小球莖明顯較後者大。
ISSN: 0255-5921
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