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標題: The Study of Cleft Grafting Application in Pot Poinsettia Production
作者: 高銓弘
Chuan-Hong Kao
Tsai-Yih Wang
關鍵字: Branching number;割接;Cleft grafting;Poinsettia;聖誕紅;分枝數
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 24, Issue 1, Page(s) 83-92.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 24, Issue 1, Page(s) 83-92.
本研究以兩個實生選育品種‘8302’和‘8305’以及兩個商業栽培品種‘Peter Star’和‘Supjibi’作為試驗材料,探討割接應用在聖誕紅盆花生產對分枝數及植株高度的影響。實生選育品種‘8302’及‘8305’割接在商業品種之後,在植株高度方面,‘8302’和‘8305’割接在‘Peter Star’品種,分別可以降低植株高度達49%及26%。在分枝數方面,‘8302’和‘8305’割接在‘Peter Star’,分例可以增加1.9倍及3.1倍。商業栽培品種‘Peter Star’和‘Supjibi’應用割接之後,就株高及分枝數方面對‘Peter Star’並沒有顯著的影響,但是‘Peter Star’割接在‘8305’品種之後會對苞葉產生改變,顏色會變的較為鮮紅,而這種顏色的改變和分枝性相同,可以隨著營養繁殖保持下去。‘Supjibi’割接在‘Peter Star’之後,分枝數可由8個分枝增加到8.9個分枝,並且也有促進發根的效果。

Two selected seeding clones '8302' and '8305' poinsettia, and two commercial cultivars 'Peter Star' and 'Supjibi' were used in this study to investigate if cleft-grafting could be useful for pot poinsettia production in order to control branching and height. After cleft-grafting poinsettia '8302' and '8305' on 'Peter Star', the plant height was reduced by 49% and by 26% and the branching number was increased 1.9 times and 3.1 times, respectively. Plant height and branching number did not have significant difference while 'Peter Star' and 'Supjibi' were cleft-grafting on 'Peter Star'. However, bract color becomes more reddish than ever after 'Peter Star'was cleft-grafting on '8305'. The characteristic will be maintained via vegetative propagation, and so as the characteristic of branching number. The average branching number was increased from 8 to 8.9 and rooting was promoted as 'Supjibi' was cleft-grafting on 'Peter Star'.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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