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標題: The Growth of Mango(Mangifera indica L.) Fruit
作者: 鍾立展
Li-Chan Chung
Rong-Quey Lin
Shen-Wei Weng
Yau-Shiang Yang
關鍵字: 果實生長;Fruit growth;芒果;Mango
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 24, Issue 2, Page(s) 1-16.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 24, Issue 2, Page(s) 1-16.
為探討芒果果實之生長,1本試驗在果實發育期間調查愛文、在來種及海頓之果實大小及其果肉細胞層數、細胞大小的變化。由試驗結果顯示,其鮮重、果長、果寬及果厚的變化均呈型單S型。愛文及海頓生長速率的高峰期在盛花後91-118日,在來種在盛花後77-104日。成熟時的果型指數,愛文、在來種及海頓分別為1.39、1.59及1.16。果實比重在盛花後62之前呈V字型變化,之後維持1公斤左右。利用切片及顯微照相調查果肉細胞層數及大小,發現愛文、在來種及海頓盛花後76日,在來種則在盛花後62日;愛文及海頓果實中段部的細胞層數果頂及果底部的4倍,在來種的6倍,之後主要是細胞肥大,且由中層細胞先肥大,其次為內層及外層,愛文與在來種果實中段及果底部 。果肉細胞層數及大小與果實品種有關,愛文及海頓品種較在來種細胞層數多且細胞亦較大。

Mango varieties 'Irwin', 'Local' and 'Haden' were used to study the physical, morphological, anatomical and chemical changes in growth of mango fruits. The results was indicated that growth curves of fresh weight, length and width of fruits showed typical single sigmoid patterns. The shape index of 'Irwin', 'Local' and 'Haden' were 1.39, 1.59, and 1.16, respectively in maturity. Specific gravity of fruit showed a V type curve during the 20th and 62th day after full bloom.
Cell layers and size in pulp were investigated by section and micrograph technology. Recults was shown that the period of cell division in ‘Irwin', ‘Local' and ‘Haden' mango were from full bloom to the initial stage of rapidly growth in fruit. The cell division terminated on the 76th day after full bloom for ‘Irwin' and ‘Haden' varieties, and on the 62th day for ‘Local' variety. The cell layers of the middle part were four times for ‘Irwin', ‘Haden' and six times for ‘Local' than that of top and bottom part of fruit. The cell size became to enlargement and hypertrophy after that time as mentioned above. In the meanwhile, the cells of middle layers in pulp was the earliest hypertrophy, the next was inner layer, then was out layer cell. The cell layers and size in pulp were related to the variety in fruit, the cell layer and size in ‘Irwin' and ‘Haden' was more than ‘Local' variety.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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