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標題: 乙烯對彩色海芋種球生育之影響
Effect of Ethylene on the Growth of Zantedeschia hybrida Hort.
作者: 廖玉珠
Yu-Ju Liao
Ruey-Song Lin
關鍵字: Ethylene;乙烯;Zantedeschia;Calla Lily;彩色海芋
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 24, Issue 2, Page(s) 71-82.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 24, Issue 2, Page(s) 71-82.
本研究以彩色海芋Zantedeschia hybrida cv.〝Best Gold〞品種為試驗材料,探討彩色海芋採收後,,經乙烯不同濃度處理後,再於不同溫度貯藏對種球種植後出土時間及植株生育之影響。種球以2.5、5、10ppm乙烯密閉式處理72小時後於20℃貯藏四週後種植。結果顯示。。乙烯濃度越高越能縮短出土時間。若再經25℃貯藏三星期,乙烯處理的效果更佳。但若再以10℃貯藏,乙烯之效果減弱。在植株生長方面,經乙烯不同濃度處理後並於20℃貯藏四週,株高皆較對照組高約5公分。對芽數、葉片數則各處理間均沒有差異。

This study was conducted for the effect of different ethylene concentrations on the emergence and growth of Zantedeschia hybrida cv. 'Best Gold' tubers stored at different temperatures. Tubers treated with 2.5、5 and 10 ppm ethylene for 72 hours in closed incubator at 20℃, respectively. The results indicated that ethylene increased the emergence of tubers with increasing the concentrations. The emergence on ethylene-pretreated tubers stored at 25℃ for 3 weeks was enhanced, whereas that stored at 10℃ was no difference. After planting, the plant height in all ethylene treatments at 20℃ was increased 5cm compared with that on untreated with ethylene tubers. However, the numbers of shoot and leaf in ethylene treated tubers were no significant difference as compared with the control.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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