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標題: Effect of Salt Strength and Sucrose Concentration on Bulblet Growth of Hippeastrum hybridus Hort. In vitro
作者: 陳采晴
Tsai-Chin Chen
Tsai-Yih Wang
關鍵字: 鱗片培養;Salt strength;蔗糖;無機鹽類;孤挺花;Sucrose;Scaling culture;Amaryllis
Project: Horticulture NCHU, Volume 25, Issue 3, Page(s) 83-94.
興大園藝, Volume 25, Issue 3, Page(s) 83-94.
Hippeastrum hybridum Hort. 'Red Lion' bulblets with 1 ± 0.1 cm diameter having been cultured in vitro for one generation, were used to study the bulblet multiplication under different salt strength and sucrose. While culturing quarter chips of the bulblet under different salt strength, full and half MS media were best for bulblet culturing, had more leaves and roots in vitro. Relative growth of bulblet was best under 1/4 MS medium, that can adapt environment after transplanting ex vitro, bulblets grew the worst under 1/8MS medium comparing to those under treatments. Under different sucrose medium concentration, 10-40 g/l grew best, 60-80 g/l grew worse, but has highest relative growth rate after transplanting ex vitro.

本試驗以孤挺花(Hippeastrum hybridum Hort.) 'Red Lion'品種為材料,經由組織培養直約1±0.1cm之一代小鱗莖,再分切成四等分後分別於不同鹽類濃度培養基中進行比較,結果以全量及半量MS培養基之小鱗莖生長較佳,可以得到較多葉數及根數;移入溫室種植以1/4MS而來之小鱗莖對環境的適應能力較好,具有最高的相對生長率,以1/8MS之小鱗莖生長最差。孤挺花鱗片培養於含有30-40g/l 蔗糖之1/2MS培養基中,小鱗莖生長情形較好,培養於60-80g/l 蔗糖中之小鱗莖生長較差;但移出瓶外種植後,以60-80g/l蔗糖中培養之小鱗莖具有較高的相對生長率。
ISSN: 0255-5921
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