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標題: 大量元素缺乏對玫瑰花葉片中元素含量之影響
The Effect of Macroelement Nutrient Deficient on Leaf Element Content in Rose
作者: 張訓堯
Shun-Yao Chang
Chien-Young Chu
Shen-Lin Lin
關鍵字: Solution-culture;植物營養;Mineral-nutrient;Deficiency;缺乏症;水耕栽培
Project: Horticulture NCHU, Volume 25, Issue 4, Page(s) 83-92.
興大園藝, Volume 25, Issue 4, Page(s) 83-92.
以水耕栽培的 'Samantha' 和 'Sweet Amazone' 予以大量元素缺乏處理,並分析其葉片中元素含量變化。'Samantha' 缺氮時,上位葉的鉀與鎂含量減少,下位葉磷及鎂含量也會降低;缺磷栽培時,上、下位葉的磷濃度與對照組雖無差異,但上、下位葉的鈣含量增加;缺鉀時,上、下位葉的鈣含量增加;缺鎂時,上、下位葉的鈣含量降低,上位葉氮含量反而增加,下位葉鉀含量則減少。'Sweet Amazone'品種對元素缺乏時的反應不只病症較'Samantha'明顯,在葉片中元素之變化也較前者明顯。

Two rose (Rosa hybrida, Hort.) cultivars 'Samantha' and 'Sweet Amazone' were hydroponically cultivated with macronutrient deficient solutions and tissue element contents in upper and lower leaves were analyzed. The K and Mg content in upper leaves of 'Samantha' were lower than control when treated with N-deficit, P and Mg in lower leaves were reduced by the same treatment as well. With P-deficit for 'Samantha', there was not much change for leaf P, but an increase in Ca concentration was observed in both upper and lower leaves. Calcium contents in both upper and lower leaves of 'Samantha' were increased by K-deficit but were decreased by Mg-deficit. The Mg-deficit resulted in upper leaf N increase and lower leaf K decrease. There were more dramatic changes in leaf element contents with macroelement-deficit treatment with 'Sweet Amazone' than with 'Samantha'.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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