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標題: A Study on User's Attitude and Experience on the Activities of Horticultural Industry
作者: 歐聖榮
Sheng-Jung Ou
Hsiao-Chi Liu
關鍵字: Horticultural Industry;園藝產業;Leisure Attitude;Motivation;Recreation Experience;休閒態度;動機;遊憩體驗
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 26, Issue 2, Page(s) 63-76.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 26, Issue 2, Page(s) 63-76.
本研究的目的主要在探討遊客特性、遊客到田尾地區從事休閒活動之動機、體驗內容,以及田尾地區遊客的休閒態度之間的關連性。本研究採用問卷調查的方式,針對到田尾地區從事遊憩活動之遊客進行調查,共得到有效問卷233份。經由分析的結果,本研究得到的主要結論如下:1. 遊客到田尾地區從事休閒活動的遊憩動機主要為:『為了給兒女教育的機會』、『為了放鬆心情』、『為了要與家人的關係更親密』與『為了增加學習新事物的機會』等四項。利用因素分析縮減問項後分析得知,遊客以『社交與身心效益』動機為最高,『消費與景物欣賞』動機為最低。2. 遊客到園藝產業地區從事休閒活動所獲得之體驗,以『享受與自然接觸的機會』最高,其次為『體驗悠閒的環境與心情』、『留下美好的回憶』體驗。利用因素分析縮減問項後分析得知遊客獲得『活動效益』體驗最高,而『農業環境學習』體驗最低。3. 遊憩動機與體驗內容具相關性。具有『社交與身心效益』動機者較會獲得在『活動效益』方面的體驗,而具有『學習與體驗』、『消費與景物欣賞』動機者,較會獲得『農業環境學習』體驗;而具有『社交與身心效益』動機者則較無『農業環境學習』體驗,具有『學習與體驗』、『消費與景物欣賞』動機者較無『活動效益』方面的體驗。4. 遊客之休閒態度主要受其教育程度所影響,其中休閒情感受到其教育程度之影響,休閒行為傾向亦受其教育程度之影響。顯示休閒態度受到個人教育程度的影響最大。5. 遊客之遊憩動機與所獲得的體驗內容受遊客個人特性所影響。

The main purpose of this study was to investigate visitors' characteristic' of horticultural industry, motivation of horticultural activities, experience in horticultural industry environments, leisure attitude of horticultural industry and the relationship among them. A questionnaire survey was conducted in this study. Through random sampling method, the study obtained 233 valid samples. The data were analyzed by frequency, factor analysis, T-test, one-way analysis of varience, canonical correlation analysis and correlation analysis. The major results were summarized as follows: 1. The important visitors' motivation to horticultural industry environments included "education", "relaxation", "have family together", and "learning". 2. Most of visitors' experience showed that visiting horticultural industry environments can get "close to nature", "experience relaxation", "have good memories". 3. The data showed that visitors' motivation was significantly related to their experiences. 4. Visitors' leisure attitude was influenced by their education. 5. Different visitors' characteristics such as gender, age, vocation, education, income, influenced their motivations and experiences.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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