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標題: 高冷地彩色海芋之草耕栽培模式
The Grass Culture for Calla Lily (Zantedeschia hybrida) in Highland of Taiwan
作者: 蘇玉如
Chien-Young Chu
Cheng-Chu Nee
Yu-Ju Su
關鍵字: Calla Lily;彩色海芋;Grass culture;Highland;Rot soft;草耕栽培;高冷地;軟腐病
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 26, Issue 3, Page(s) 59-68.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 26, Issue 3, Page(s) 59-68.
the experiment had been proceeded at the Horticultural Experimental Station with 2000m from sea level. To decrease the incidence of Erwinia disease of calla lily. Several cultivars of calla lily had been grown in the grassland of creeping bentgrass and trifolia clover.
In these studies, Erwinia soft rot incidence of Zantedeschia hybrida 'Black Magic' in grass culture is 0% while the tillage culture is 63.0%. Erwinia soft rot incidence of Z. hybrida 'Froex Gold' in grass culture is 6.9% while shelter culture is 73.2%. the improvement of the Erwinia incidence is explained by the air-filled porosity in medium of grass-culture and shelter culture and tillage culture is 38.0%, 5.7% and 4.0% respectively.
Creeping bent grass culture calla lily of cut production, tubers are 8-10 cm in diameter with 7.7 flowers, highest is 14 flowers. While 6-8cm, 4-6cm and 2-4cm are 5.5flowers, 4.5 flowers and 1.7 flowers respectively.
The combination of calla lily and grass culture has multiple purposes in highland of Taiwan where is very sensitive in land use and conservation.

試驗於中興大學高冷地園藝分場海拔(2000公尺)進行,試驗結果發現彩色海芋Zantedeschia hybrida ‘Black Magic’以草耕方式栽培植株無軟腐現象,而耕犁栽培之軟腐病發生率高達63%。而彩色海芋Z. hybrida‘Florex Gold’於小康草草耕栽培其植株軟腐病發生率為6.9%,而種植在遮雨棚內者則為73.2%,顯著高於草耕栽培者。彩色海芋栽培時塊莖的通氣性與植株軟腐病的發生有密切關係,測量結果發現小康草茸層的通氣性良好,其充氣孔隙度(AFP)為38.0%,而遮雨棚內土壤及露天耕犁土壤之充氣孔隙度則分別為5.7%、4.0%。彩色海芋利用小康草草耕方式栽培,在切花產量方面,以直徑8~10公分塊莖種植,其每平均開花數為7.7支,單球最高花數可達14朵;而直徑6~8公分、4~6公分及2~4公分之塊莖在小康草中開花數平均每株分別為5.5、4.5、及1.7支花。
ISSN: 0255-5921
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