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標題: 依實際IP長度有效分配記憶體之路由器設計
Design of Router Memory with Efficient Distribution for Prefix Length
作者: 涂嘉良
關鍵字: Router;路由器;Skip array;跳躍陣列
出版社: 電機工程學系

With high-speed multi-gigabit links required in the Internet , the lookup becomes a great bottleneck. The routing table lookup needing longest prefix matching is a challenge. Beside, the large capacity of lookup table and high-speed links increase the difficulty of IP router. In this thesis, a lookup scheme based on a previous structure and the real IP address length is proposed, which can efficiently handle IP routing lookup, insertion, and deletion inside the routing table. We use the skip function to reduce the memory space. Hardware design of the routing table was carried out using the Verilog hardware description language. It uses the synchronous 0.35μm SRAM as the router memory. In a hardware pipeline configuration, the output port is obtained in every memory access. We increase 62% of usable output port, with increase of 14% memory space.
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