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標題: Study of Plant Growth of 'Lucky Fragrance' Sweet Pepper Plants Grafted on Hot Pepper (Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum)
作者: 黃智賢
Chih-Hsien Huang
關鍵字: 生育;Yield;嫁接;產量;始花期;接穗;砧木;Initial flowering date;Scion;Rootstock
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 28, Issue 4, Page(s) 15-28.
Horticulture NCHU, Volume 28, Issue 4, Page(s) 15-28.
In autumn crop, the graft success rate of 'Lucky Fragrance' sweet pepper were 100%, except grafted on 'M210101', 'Passion' and 194 rootstocks were 61.1%, 77% and 77%, respectively. Flowering of these combinations were early then grafted on 'Miles Flavor', 'Passion' and 'Born Fire' rootstocks. The early fruit yield and total yield of plants grafted on 'Passion' and 'Born Fire' rootstockswere increased. The yields of plants grafted on 'Miles Flavor' and 'M210101' rootstocks were decreased. In spring crop, the field survival rate of 'Lucky Fragrance' sweet pepper grafted on 'M210101' and 'Born Fire' rootstocks were 88.9% and 94.4%, respectively. Plants grafted on 'Miles Flavor' , 'Passion' and 'Born Fire' rootstocks enhanced anthesis. The plant height, stem node and fresh weight were increased by grafted on 'Passion' and '194' rootstocks. The plants had early fruit yield, fruit number and total yield in the combination of grafted on 'Passion' rootstock, but they were decreased when plants grafted on '31346','M210101' rootstocks and control.

秋作以'福芳'接穗嫁接於M210101之成活率為61.1%,'百香'及'生生4號'砧者為77%,其他砧木者為100%。始花期以'百里香'、'百香'及'艷茹'砧顯著較早,其他地上部植株性狀於各穗砧組合無顯著差異。嫁接苗單株果實初期產量及總產量,以'百香'及'艷茹'砧較高,'百里香'及M2l0l0l玷之產童為最低。'福芳'春作嫁接於M210101砧之成活率為79.3%,定植30天之田間存活率除'艷茹'砧之94.4%及M210101砧之88.9%,其他組合皆為100%。始花期以'百里香'、'百香''及'艷茹'砧 顯著較早,嫁接植林之株高、節數及地上部鮮乾重以'百香'及'生生4號'砧顯 著最佳,31346砧及共砧之生育較差。'百香'砧嫁接苗單株初期產量,總產量果數為最高,31346、M210101砧及'福芳'對照植株為顯著最低。
ISSN: 0255-5921
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