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標題: A Study on Visitors' Agreement Level of Management Strategies For Ecotourism-A Case Study of Shei-Pa National Park
作者: 柯嘉鈞
Chia-Chun Ko
Sheng-Jung Ou
關鍵字: 雪霸國家公園;Shei-Pa National Park;遊客;生態旅遊;經營管理;Visitors;Management;Ecotourism
Project: Horticulture NCHU, Volume 29, Issue 3, Page(s) 89-98.
興大園藝, Volume 29, Issue 3, Page(s) 89-98.
本研究之目的乃在探討參訪國家公園的遊客對生態旅遊經營管理策略之看法,冀藉由本研究能對國家公園提出生態旅遊經營管理上之建議,以期達永續發展之目標。並利用生態旅遊行為量表,將參訪遊客分群為「偏屬生態旅遊遊客」,「偏屬大眾旅遊遊客」 「潛在生態旅遊遊客」,進而探討三者之間對生態旅遊經營管理策略認同度之差異。本研究以雪霸國家公園作為研究範圍,以現地問卷調查獲取所需資料。研究結果發現,雪霸國家公園觀霧遊憩區遊客以「偏屬潛在生態旅遊遊客」為多,且對生態旅遊經營管理策略之認同度具有差異,多數差異存在「偏屬生態旅遊者」與「偏屬大眾旅遊者」以及「偏屬潛在生態旅遊者」之間。

The purpose of this study was to explore the visitors'agreement level of management strategies for ecotourism in national forest recreation area.Through this study,it was expected that suggestions for ecotourism management in national parks would be proposed to achieve the objectives of sustainable development.
The site of this study was Shei-Pa National Park. Thestudy used questionnaire survey method to collect the required data.The survey used the statements about ecotourism-related behavior preferences to segment visitors into three different cluster named‘ecotourist type',‘mass tourist type',and‘potential ecoturist type'.Then the study discussed the differences in the agreement level and the management strategies of the ecotourism.The results of analysis suggested that most of the visitors in Shei-Pa National Park were categorized into the ‘potential ecotourist type',and there were singnificant differences in agreement level of ecotourism is management strategies among the visitors with different tendency type of ecotourism-related behavior.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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