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標題: 以改良式LMS演算法應用於TD-SCDMA系統之智慧型天線
An Improved LMS Algorithm for Smart Antenna in TD-SCDMA Systems
作者: 劉振翔
Liu, Chen-Hsiang
關鍵字: 智慧型天線;exponential step size;smart antenna;TD-SCDMA systems;DOA
出版社: 電機工程學系
在第二章中我們主要是針對TD-SCDMA的系統做一介紹並針對實體層(Physical layer)的主要功能來討論。第三章我們分析了各種的智慧型天線陣列(Smart Antenna)演算法,在考量實際系統的運作時,系統較無法提供很多的先決以知條件,運算上又要能達到及時(real time)的要求,在第四章我們用ES-LMS與CMA演算法做為改良式LMS演算法模擬智慧型天線陣列的效能,又因為LMS與RLS演算法無法提供良好的角度鑑別能力,因此選用MUSIC來做為角度鑑別之用。在第五章的部份,我們利用前一章的演算法,帶入TD-SCDMA的系統架構之中,來模擬TD-SCDMA系統在這種演算法下面的使用者角度定位鑑別追蹤能力。最後第六章做為研究的結論與建議。

The exponential step size LMS algorithm for smart antenna application has been proven with fast convergence speed than conventional LMS Algorithm. However the convergence speed is still slower than RLS algorithm. In this thesis, we propose a novel method that is using the ES-LMS algorithm with constant modulus algorithm (CMA) which can offer simple computation and fast convergence speed than normal LMS, ES-LMS, and even RLS. The LMS and CMA algorithm are both blind equalization. The multiple signal classification (MUSIC) algorithm is also employed for the DOA estimation and a classical beamforming technique to select the weights of the array elements has been used. Computer simulation is conducted under the environment of TD-SCDMA systems.
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