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標題: Assessment of Genetic Diversity among Persimmon Germplasms by RAPD Markers and Morphological Traits
作者: 湯佳裕
Jia-Yu Tang
Hsin-Fu Yen
Ien-Chie Wen
Cheng-Chu Nee
關鍵字: 逢機增幅多型性DNA;RAPD;形態;柿樹屬;morphological;Diospyros
Project: Horticulture NCHU, Volume 31, Issue 3, Page(s) 1-16.
興大園藝, Volume 31, Issue 3, Page(s) 1-16.
以柿樹科(Ebenaceae)柿樹屬(Diospyros)中45個柿子種原之外部形態特性,並以RAPD分子標誌進行佈種間遺傳相似度與其鑑別能力分析。形態特性上,顯示新葉顏色、花性、果重、果色、單寧含量在種間有較大歧異度,可以供作辨別種原之特殊性狀,如四周柿新葉顏色為淡褐綠色;原生種柿均為雌雄異株,而南瓜柿具有特殊兩性花;菱葉柿具特有的菱形葉片;蘭嶼柿果實成熟後為墨綠黑色,果肉為黑色;筆杆果形為窄橢圓形,Aoso為卵圓形;伽羅果實頂端同心圓裂痕為深裂。RAPD分析上,由相似度樹狀圖分析可將供試驗柿種源分成二主群,第一主群內由D.virginiana、D.japonica、D. rhombifolia、D. morrisiana、D.koroensis、大葉砧木組成,第二主群由D. oldhamii、D. kaki、日本豆柿組成;由樹狀圖可以發現D.virginiana與台灣原生柿親緣關係上屬於同一群,而D.oldhamii親緣關係則與栽培種較接近是屬於較接近栽培種(D﹒kaki);由結果可知RAPD分子標誌能有效分辨無法以外觀形態辨識的富有、次郎與平核無的芽變品種。利用外部形態加斯葉顏色、花性、果形等品種差異大的性狀可以將大部分的柿品種作初步分辨,而,RAPD則可以有效將供試驗的柿種原作有效區隔,並且得知種間之遺傳相似度,有助於了解種源間之親緣關係。

This study discuss genetic diverse of 45 persimmons germplasm in 7 Diospyros species of Ebenaceae by morphological traits and RAPD (randomly amplified polymorphic DNA). In morphology characteristics, the result shows of variation in leaflet color, flower sex expression, fruit weight, fruit color, and tannins volume were large. Some special characteristics can be used of cultivars distinguish, like leaflet color of ‘Shy Jou'was pale brown green. For rootstock persimmon kinds and Taiwan Native persimmon were dioecism, and ‘Nab Gua'was hermaphrodite. In leaf shape of D. rhombifolia was diamond. D. kotoensis was greenish black in fruit color and black in pulp. In fruit shape of ‘Fude Gaki'was narrow ellipes, ‘Aoso'was the egg circular. In concentric cracking around apex of ‘Kayro'was strong.
In RAPD analysis, DNA bands construct the construction similar tree by UPGMA cluster analysis could divide of 45 persimmons into 2 groups. First group constitutes by D.virginiana, D. japonica, D. rhombifolia, D. morrisiana, D. kotoensis, and ‘Da Ye'. Second group constitutes by D. oldhamii, D. kaki, rootstock of Japan. It indicates the genetic relationship of D. virginiana and Taiwan native persimmon were in the same group, and the genetic relationship of D. oldhami was close to D. kaki. It indicates D. oldhami was closer to D. kaki in evolution.
In this study, persimmon germplasm could be done for basis identifiotion by morphology characteristics as leaflet color, flower sex expression, and fruit shape. RAPD showed effective to identify 45 persimmon cultivars in this study, it is helpful for analysis the germplasm genetic diversity.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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