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標題: 應用於光纖分碼多工系統之二維展頻碼之設計與效能分析
Design and Performance Analysis of 2-Dimensional Spreading Codes for Optical CDMA Systems
作者: 劉育志
Liu, yu-chih
關鍵字: 無線通訊;Wireless Communications;多媒體;跳頻;分碼多工;Multimedia;Frequency Hopping;Code-Division Multiple-Access
出版社: 電機工程學系

In recent years, a two-dimensional, so-called wavelength-hopping time-spreading, coding scheme has been studied for optical code-division multiple-access (OCDMA) systems in order to support more subscribers and simultaneous users than the conventional one-dimensional approach. In this thesis, in order to further improve the numbers substantially without sacrificing performance, a new code design utilizing bipolar (for wavelength hopping ) and unipolar ( for time spreading ) optical codes is studied and analyzed. A rapidly programmable coding hardware based on arrayed- waveguide-gratings (AWGs) is specially designed for the new “ bipolar-unipolar” codes to increase the flexibility of transmission data rate.
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