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標題: 應用二維正交碼於多重載波直接序列分碼多工系統之編碼器設計
Encoder Designs of 2D OVSF Codes for Multicarrier DS-CDMA Systems
作者: 蘇銘基
Su, Ming-Ji
關鍵字: Encoder;編碼器;2D;OVSF Codes;Multicarrier;Multicarrier DS-CDMA;二維;正交可變因子碼;多載波;多重載波直接序列分碼多工
出版社: 電機工程學系
一種在多載波直接序列分碼多工(MC/DS-CDMA)的系統中獲取二維正交可變展頻因子(OVSF)碼之新穎樹狀結構產生方法被提出來。此種新方法是根據格瑞碼(Gray code)之標籤以達到保有在不同速率及展頻因子間之正交性。每個二維正交可變展頻因子碼均有獨特之格瑞碼標籤。所提出的是一種有效率且不需搜尋整個樹狀結構即可決定某一碼是否為另一碼之母碼或子碼的方法。再者,可藉由格瑞索引矩陣(Gray index matrix),使每個二維正交可變展頻因子碼可以直接經由產生矩陣(generation matrix)來產生,而不需反覆地使用樹狀結構來產生。

A new tree-structured generation method for obtaining two-dimensional orthogonal variable spreading factor (OVSF) codes that preserve orthogonality between different rates and spreading factors (SF) based on Gray code labels in a multicarrier direct-sequence CDMA (MC/DS-CDMA) system is presented. Each 2D OVSF code is uniquely associated with a Gray code label. An efficient method to decide if the code is a mother code or children code of the other code without searching an entire code tree is proposed. Furthermore, by taking advantage of the Gray code labeling, each 2D OVSF code can be generated directly from a generation matrix instead of being generated recursively using a tree structure.
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