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標題: 不斷電系統原型製作與控制器設計
Controller Design and Implementation for an Uninterruptible Power Supply Prototype
作者: 洪堯輝
Hung, Yao-Huei
關鍵字: VSC;可變結構控制;PI;The closed loop control system;converter;SPWM;sliding mode;UPS;inverter;比例積分;閉迴路控制;轉換器;正弦脈波調變;順滑模態;不斷電系統;換流器
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文的目的在發展離線式不斷電系統,包括電力電子轉換器製作與電壓輸出控制器設計。系統由交流電源產生模組、儲能充電模組以及穩壓輸出調節器等三個重要的單元組成;其中,交流電源產生模組,係採用直流升壓轉換器,經過換流器與濾波器而產生可利用的交流電壓;儲能模組為串聯兩具12V蓄電池,做為系統的直流電源。為解決兩蓄電池之充電特性差異造成充電能量分配不均的問題,本論文以兩輸出繞組的馳返式轉換器為基礎之平衡充電器,做為解決方案,利用由市電經過整流濾波處理的直流電壓,為蓄電池個別充電。本系統的數學模型,由開迴路步階響應取得,為達到穩壓輸出調節的目標,本論文提出兩種控制策略─比例積分控制與可變結構控制,分別進行電腦模擬與實驗,比較兩者性能的差異。控制平台採用德州儀器的數位信號處理器(TMS320LF 2407A DSP)來實現控制法則,並整合本系統其他關聯模組。最後,透過實驗數據,證實可變結構控制具有較優越的強健性來應付負載變動對輸出端電壓的影響。

This thesis contains the implementation of an off-line UPS and design of a digital controller for its voltage output regulation. The system is composed of three major units: the dc/ac voltage conversion module, the battery charger, and the output voltage regulator. First, we utilize the boost dc/dc converter to boost the 24V battery voltage up to a higher working voltage (dc-link voltage). The dc-link voltage is cascaded with a dc/ac converter (inverter) and a passive LC filter to be transformed into the 110V, 60Hz voltage. Two 12V batteries are connected in series to provide the system with a 24V dc voltage source. Due to distinct charging characteristics of the two batteries, charging energy allotment may unbalance. To overcome this problem, we use the flyback converter with two output windings to charge the batteries individually. The mathematical model is derived from the open-loop step response. In order to achieve the voltage output regulation, we propose two control strategies ─ PI control and variable structure control (VSC). A TMS320LF 2407A digital signal processor (DSP) is employed as the control platform for control law implementation and system integration. Both computer simulations and experiments are conducted. It is seen that the VSC is superior to PI control in robustness and therefore can achieve a steady state voltage output in spite of load variations.
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