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標題: PWM降壓型DC-DC轉換器之適應倒逆步滑動模態控制
Adaptive Backstepping Sliding Mode Control of PWM Buck DC-DC Converters
作者: 林水春
Lin, Shoei-Chuen
關鍵字: singular perturbation method;殊異擾動法;digital signal processor (DSP);backstepping control;adaptive control;sliding mode control;PWMbuck DC-DC converter;數位信號處理器;倒逆步控制;適應控制;滑動模態控制;PWM降壓型DC-DC轉換器
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文旨在發展一以數位信號處理器(DSP)為基底的PWM降壓型DC-DC轉換器控制系統之設計方法與實現技術。首先提出以殊異擾動法(singular perturbation method) 降階模式證明可以忽略電路中的 效應。依其狀態空間變數之不同,提出以vo、ic及以vo、iL為狀態空間變數的狀態空間平均方法(state space averaging method) 建立轉換器的數學模式。並提出適應倒逆步滑動模態之控制策略做為單組及多組並聯連接之PWM降壓型直流對直流轉換器的電壓調節。本文所提出之控制法則均以電腦模擬,證明所提出控制器之輸出電壓具有不隨輸入電壓及負載變動而產生變化的特性。德州儀器公司出品 TMS320C542 DSP 單晶片所提供的快速數學運算能力和強大的周邊介面被用以實現以上所提之控制策略,實驗數據證明所提出之控制器具有優越的控制性能,能使轉換器輸出電壓快速地穩定於設定值。

This thesis develops methodologies and techniques for design and implementation a buck DC-DC converter using a digital signal processor (DSP). The converter is modeled as a linear averaged system with changeable loads. Two models with different chosen state variables are employed to design the backstepping sliding mode controllers for the buck DC-DC converter; the first one has the two state variables of and , and the second one has the two state variables of and . Using singular perturbation method, the reduced order model is derived in order to show that the effect of can be ignored and the buck DC-DC converters can be well approximated by the reduced order model. Based on the reduced order model, novel control approaches are proposed to control a single and parallel-connected buck DC-DC converters. Furthermore, the adaptive backstepping sliding mode control approaches are presented for the output voltage regulation of these buck DC-DC converters, if their system parameters are unknown. These proposed control methods have been verified by computer simulation and implemented utilizing a standalone digital signal processor (DSP) TMS320C542 from Texas Instruments. Experimental results show that the proposed control method is proven to be capable of given satisfactory control performance.
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