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標題: 雙載子電晶體和異質接面雙載子電晶體之雜訊特性分析
Analysis of BJT and HBT noise performance
作者: 鄒伯均
關鍵字: 雜訊指數;異直接面雙載子電晶體;低雜訊放大器
出版社: 電機工程學系
本篇論文首先利用S參數、CV量測和四點探針量測去萃取GCT GaAs HBT電晶體之元件結構,如:集極、射極和基極之參雜濃度與厚度及Legde厚度。而緊接著我們研究兩種不同製程之BJT元件其高頻特性差異,如:截止頻率、最大震盪頻率、最小雜訊指數及增益等。接下來我們做高頻測試鍵之高頻量測,得到完整的高頻電路設計參數。最後我們利用此設計參數,設計出一5.2GHz之低雜訊放大器。

First, this thesis described the extraction of HBT structure , ex: collector, emitter and base's doping and thickness, used S-parameter measurement, CV doping measurement and 4-point probe measurement. Then, high frequency characteristics, ex: ft , fmax , Fmin and gain , of two different BJT processes are compared. Finally, a 5.2GHz low noise amplifier is implemented with measurement-base design data.
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