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標題: 應用於無線區域網路之載波回復電路
A Carrier Recovery Circuit for WLAN
作者: 王朝蔚
關鍵字: Carrier Recovery;載波回復
出版社: 電機工程學系

We describes the frequency offset and phase offset effects of IEEE802.11b BBP receiver. The IEEE802.11b standard specifies that the system has +/- 120KHz frequency tolerance. Here, we use a carrier recovery loop circuit to remove the frequency offset between transmitter and receiver and to correct the phase offset of the received signal. We compared the traditional close loop carrier recovery circuit with the open loop carrier recovery circuit, We applied the architecture of PLL in the close loop carrier recovery circuit with ROM-base look-up table. We also applied the approach of mathematics to calculate the phase error for ROM-less implementation. Both of them can archive the same function
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