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標題: 新型無體效應之雙幫浦電路
A new dual pumping circuit without body effects
作者: 謝明志
Hsieh, Mingchih
關鍵字: charge pump;電荷幫浦;high voltage generator;threshold voltage;body effect;low voltage;高電壓產生器;臨界電壓;基體效應;低電壓
出版社: 電機工程學系

The charge pump circuit plays an important role in applications of flash or EEPROM memories. Moreover, it is also widely used in switch capacitor systems such as analog to digital converters or filters.
A new dual 4-phase charge pump using NMOS or PMOS transistors is proposed to generate voltage higher than the supply voltage. The threshold voltage and body effect are the two major factors to limit the pumping performance. Therefore, we present a new 4-phase clock scheme to overcome the restriction, especially at low supply voltages. Furthermore, a specially substrate connection technique can eliminate the body effect and avoid p-n junction forward conduction. The high voltage clock circuit is used to boost the clock amplitude applied to the gate of the main pass transistor which increases the charge transfer capability of the MOS transistors under low supply voltages. In addition, the two-branch structure also provides stable output loading current better than the conventional one branch structure. The boosted voltage could reach 8.8V and -7V using PMOS or NOMS transistors respectively in the 4-stage charge pump with TSMC 0.18μm triple-well technology at supply of 1.8V. The power efficiency also could reach 50% with loading current of 120μA.
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