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標題: 飛行模擬器之力感控制器研製
Design and Implementation of Force Feedback Control Systems for Flight Simulators
作者: 陳耀貴
關鍵字: simulator;模擬器;force feedback control;impedance control;model following;力感控制;阻抗控制;模型跟隨
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文主要設計一可控負載之操縱桿,並將其應用於飛行模擬器。控制目的在實現不可回復(irreversible)方式之力感特性,使飛行員知道當時飛行狀況,並產生適當操縱行為來修正飛機姿態。本系統採用內、外迴路分開設計方式,內迴路是利用阻抗控制理論及模型跟隨(model following)觀念,將力回饋控制器視為質量-阻尼-彈簧系統,採用位置控制並同時達成力量控制,呈現真實動態力回饋特性。外迴路是以兩個質量機械系統來模擬,並採用力感量測設備取得真實系統位置-力量特性曲線,以獲得機械模型所需參數值,建立力感模型。因採用內、外迴路力感控制架構,使得只要更換外迴路模型,即可模擬不同系統之力感動態特性。本項系統之開發,將可使用於直昇機、戰機、輪船、車輛或遊樂機等模擬器之力感控制,以感受真實操縱力感,獲得較佳學習效果,提升模擬器之使用效益及價值。

This thesis develops methodologies and techniques for design and implementation of force feedback control system in flight simulators with “irreversible” control loading features. Such a system is designed that the pilot is accurately aware of the actual flight conditions so as to generate appropriate control commands to correct the aircraft attitude. In order to show real dynamic force feedback characteristics, the inner loop system is proposed based on impedance control theory and model following control approach in order to let force feedback model equal to mass-damper-spring system, thereby achieving force and position control in the same time. The outer loop system is designed using two mass mechanical systems and employing control loading measure equipment to obtain force-position curves and parameters of the real system. With the established inner loop and outer loop systems, any desired dynamic control loading features can be easily obtained from changing the outer loop system model. This type of force feedback control system can be expected to be extensively used for simulators of helicopters、aircrafts、ships、vehicles and even games. Several experimental results are performed to illustrate feasibility of the proposed system.
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