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標題: 單側式線型感應馬達之位置控制
Position Control for Single-Sided Linear Induction Motor
作者: 莊福祿
關鍵字: Single-Sided Linear Induction Motor;線型感應馬達;Position Control;PID Position Controller;simple recurrent neural net work;位置控制;PID位置控制器;模型參考類神經網路識別;補償之位置伺服控制;簡單遞回式類神經網路
出版社: 電機工程學系
當受控體的轉移函數未知,或系統參數變動,或外加負載干擾時,利用簡單遞迴式類神經識別器(SRNNI)來識別,簡單遞迴式類神經補償器(SRNNC)來補償。簡單遞迴式類神經識別器、補償器,則以動態倒傳遞(dynamic back-propagation)演算法,來修正網路系統之各連結層之權值,使受控體的輸出能緊跟隨參考模式的輸出,使受控體之轉移函數近似參考模式,不受受控體的參數變動或外來干擾所影響。也就是說系統之暫態響應近似於參考模式之輸出,穩態響應可以得到良好的補償。

This thesis develops methodologies for positioning of a single-sided induction motor (SLIM). Although the PID controller have been extensively used in industry. Such a controller would not given good tracking performance, when the transfer functions or the parameters of plants vary with time, or unpredictable disturbances occur. To deal with these shortcomings, we propose a new type of control structure, which combines a simple recurrent neural-networks identifier (SRNNI), and a simple recurrent neural-networks compensator (SRNNC). The SRNNI and SRNNC make use of the dynamic back-propagation (DBP) method for updating their weightings and ensure that the output of the plant is able to follow the desired output generated by a reference model.
Computer simulation results have used to verify the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed control method. Through experimental results, the proposed positioning control for the SLIM has been show to outperform the traditional PID control, and to given an excellent control efforts.
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