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標題: 空調系統之適應穩定廣義預測溫度控制
Adaptive Stable Generalized Predictive Temperature Control for Air Conditioning System
作者: 張雅羚
關鍵字: 模糊模型化;適應穩定廣義預測控制;空調系統之溫度控制
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文旨在發展適應穩定廣義預測控制之方法學,以及探討其在氣冷式小型空調系統冰水機組之變頻冰水泵浦轉速控制之應用,進而調整其冷凍循環系統熱交換速率,以致達成冷藏庫內溫度追蹤理想溫度軌跡之目的。為達到良好的溫度控制效果,本文提出二種預測控制策略:適應穩定廣義預測控制(Adaptive Stable Generalized Predictive Control)及模糊模型化之適應穩定廣義預測控制(Adaptive Stable Generalized Predictive Control with Fuzzy Modeling)。經由不同受控體之電腦模擬與空調系統溫度控制之實驗結果證明所提控制策略具穩定性、抗干擾能力與溫度軌跡追蹤能力。

This thesis aims at developing methodologies and techniques for adaptive stable generalized predictive control of small air conditioning systems. Such techniques are used to control the rotational speed of pump of ice-water machine of small air-condition system with air-cooling, thereby adjusting the rate of heat exchange for the cold store in a refrigerated circulatory system in order to accomplish temperature set-point tracking. To achieve satisfactory temperature control performance, two predictive control strategies, adaptive stable generalized predictive control and adaptive stable generalized predictive control with fuzzy modeling, are proposed. Computer simulations for several industrial processes and experimental results of temperature control in the air-condition system show that both the two proposed control methods have been proven to be capable of stability, disturbance rejection capability and good tracking performance.
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