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標題: 射頻微機電開關理論分析與設計
Analysis and Design of RF MEMS Switches
作者: 廖一遂
關鍵字: 插入損耗;隔離度;反射係數;臨界電壓;開關切換時間
出版社: 電機工程學系

In the wireless communications, the radio frequency (RF) MEMS switches will be used to replace the traditional solid-state devices such as the PIN diode and the field effect transistor by their good electromagnetic characteristics at high frequency. The advantages of the RF switches using MEMS technology include the low insertion loss, the high isolation, and the high bandwidth. The studies of the RF MEMS switches were devoted to the fabrication and the measurement of devices, but less analysis of the electromagnetic characteristics in the past. The thesis focuses on the S-parameter at different resistances, inductances, and capacitances of shunt capacitive RF MEMS switches. And we predict the switching time and the operating voltage in ideal condition of the RF MEMS switches. The results can provide the structure design and characteristic estimation of the RF MEMS switches at different frequencies application. It can avoid wasting on try and error and save time.
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