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標題: 輪式行動機器人之預測視覺軌跡追蹤控制
Vision-Based Predictive Trajectory Tracking Control of a Wheeled Mobile Robot
作者: 楊瑞良
關鍵字: Predictive Control;預測控制;Trajectory Tracking Control;Vision-Based;軌跡追蹤控制;視覺系統
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis develops methodologies and techniques for control architecture design, trajectory tracking laws and posture estimation of a vision-based wheeled mobile robot (WMR). To solve the problem of position/orientation tracking control of the WMR, three kinematical predictive control laws are developed to manipulate the vehicle to asymptotically follow the desired trajectories. A Kalman filtering scheme is used to reduce the bad effect of the imagine nose, thereby improving the accuracy of pose estimation. The experimental system is composed of a wireless RS232 modem, an DSP-based controller for the wheeled mobile robot and a vision system with a host computer. A computation-effective and high-performance DSP-based controller is constructed for executing the developed sophisticated trajectory tracking laws. Simulation and experimental results are included to illustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed control laws.
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